One-To-One Online Tutoring

How it works

The internet is changing education. Today’s students have plenty of materials available to help them make sense of their schoolwork, and are likely to be as or more comfortable looking at instructional videos on YouTube or tinkering with a piece of software as they are in a traditional classroom environment.

Online tutoring allows us to bridge gaps of hundreds or thousands of miles at the click of a button. I regularly receive requests from parents of students who live too far away to benefit from this service.

All students need: internet connection, a computer with a webcam and microphone. Another tool I will be using in my online lesson is a digital whiteboard.

Get in touch

Please send me a message FIRST in which you must include your:

1.    Name & School Attended
2.    Level & Exam Board & Grades Predicted
3.    Availability & How long you are requesting tuition for
4.    Modules & Topics you need help
5.    Skype Id

What you will need

•    High speed internet connection
•    Skype platform and a Skype ID
•    Speakers or headphones
•    Microphone or headset
•    Mouse or digital tablet to write on digital whiteboard (not compulsory)

Advantages of Online Maths Tutoring

•    Much Cheaper than face to face tuition and equally effective
•    No Geographic Limitations, your child can learn any time, any place, wherever is convenient
•    No Travel Fees to pay
•    No travelling for parents
•    Students are using online learning within Schools and Universities and becoming familiar with this style of learning is useful for the future
•    Very useful for students in Rural and Remote areas where Maths Tutors are rare to find
•    Computer software allows users to record, save and access information at a later date
•    Peace of mind for parents

Hourly Pricing

Payment Details