GCSE Edexcel Higher Maths Past Papers

Practice 10 non calc
Practice 10 calc
Practice 9
Practice 8 non calc
practice 8 calc
Practice 7 (2)
Practice 7 (1)
Practice 6 Non calc
Practice 6 calc
Practice 5 Non calc
Practice 5 calc
Practice 4 Non calc
Practice 4 calc
Practice 3 Non calc
Practice 3 calc
Practice 2 Non calc
Practice 2 calc
Practice 1 Non calc
Practice 1 calc
Nov 2013 non calc
Nov 2013 calc
Nov 2012 non calc.
Nov 2012 calc
Nov 2011 non calc
Nov 2011 calc
Nov 2010 non calc
Nov 2010 calc
Nov 2009 non calc
Nov 2009 calc
Nov 2008 non calc
Nov 2008 calc
Nov 2007 non-Calc
Nov 2007 Calc
Nov 2006 non-Calc
Nov 2006 calc
Nov 2005 non calc
Nov 2005 calc
Mar 2013 non calc
Mar 2013 calc
Mar 2012 non calc
Mar 2012 calc
June 2011 non calc
June 2011 calc
June 2010 non calc
June 2010 calc
June 2009 non calc
June 2009 calc
June 2008 non calc
June 2008 calc
June 20013 calc
June 2013 non calc
June 2012 non calc
June 2012 calc
June 2007 non calc
June 2007 calc
June 2006 non-calc
June 2006 calc
June 2005 non calc
June 2005 calc
June 2004 non calc
June 2004 calc
June 2003 non calc
June 2003 calc

GCSE Edexcel Higher Maths MS

GCSE June 2008 Calc
GCSE Nov 2012 Non Calc
GCSE Nov 2012 Calc
GCSE Nov 2011 Non Calc
GCSE Nov 2011 Calc
GCSE Nov 2010 Non Calc
GCSE Nov 2010 Calc
GCSE Nov 2009 Non Calc
GCSE Nov 2009 Calc
GCSE Nov 2008 Non Calc
GCSE Nov 2008 Calc
GCSE March 2013 Non Calc
GCSE March 2013 Calc
GCSE March 2012 Non Calc
GCSE March 2012 Calc
GCSE June 2013 Non Calc
GCSE June 2013 Calc
GCSE June 2012 Non Calc
GCSE June 2012 Calc
GCSE June 2011 Non Calc
GCSE June 2011 Calc
GCSE June 2010 Non Calc
GCSE June 2010 Calc
GCSE June 2009 Calc & Non Calc
GCSE June 2008 Non Calc

KS 3-4  Edexcel All Topics Worksheets

3D Pythagoras
Converting units of capacity
Construction and Scale Drawings
Construction and Scale Drawing
Congruent Shapes
Congruent Shapes – advanced
Compound Interest
Circles, Perimeters and Sectors
Circle Theorems
Circle Theorems (advanced) – reasons required
Circle Theorems (advanced) – no reasons required
Circle Theorems – no reasons needed
Bearings – advanced
Basic Angle Rules
Basic Angle Rules – reasons required in answers
Basic Angle Rules – no reasons required
Basic Algebra
Areas and Volumes of similar shapes
Area of 2D shapes
Area and Perimeter
Area and Circumference of Circle
Algebraic Fractions
Algebra and Functions
3D Trigonometry
Converting Units of Length
Dividing by 10, 100, 0.1, 0.01…
Directed Numbers
Directed Numbers – Multiplying and Dividing
Directed Numbers – Adding and Subtracting
Directed Numbers – Add,Subtract,Multiply,Divide
Direct Proportion
Dimensions – length, area and volume
Density and Volume
Decrease by a percentage
Decimals – Multiplication and Division
Decimals – Multipilication
Decimals – Four Rules
Decimals – Division
Decimals – Addition and Subtraction
Estimation – Using 1 Significant Figure
Fractions, Decimals and Percentage – Conversion Tables
Fractions – Subtraction
Fractions – simplification and equivalency
Fractions – reciprocal
Fractions – Multiplication
Fractions – Multiplication and Division
Fractions – mixed, improper and ordering
Fractions – Four Rules
Fractions – Division
Fractions – Basics
Fractions – Addition
Fractions – Addition and Subtraction
Fraction of a quantity
Find Percentage Increase
Find Percentage Increase and Decrease
Find Percentage Decrease
Factors, Multiples, Primes, Prime Factors, LCM and HCF
Factors, Multiples and Primes
Estimation of Measurements
Given quantity, change to percentage
Inverse Proportion
Interior and Exterior Angles – regular polygons
Informal subtraction
Indices Rules – Power Zero
Indices Rules – Negative Index
Indices Rules – Fractional Index
Indices Rules – Brackets
Indices Rules – Basics
Indices Rules – Advanced
Indices – Subtraction Rule
Indices – Addition Rule
Increase by a Percentage
Increase and Decrease by a Percentage
Imperial and Metric Units of Measurement
Limits of Accuracy – Basics
Ordering Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Order of Operations
Order of Operations 3
Order of Operations 2
Order of Operations – missing brackets
Non-Standard to Standard Form
Nets of 3D shapes
Multiply by 10, 100, 0.1, 0.01…
Mixed Percentage Questions – Basics
Mixed Percentage Questions – Advanced
Matrix Transformations
Line Symmetry
Line and Rotational Symmetry
Limits of Accuracy
Parallel Line Rules
Rearranging Formula
Reading Measuring Instruments
Ratios – Simplifying
Ratios – map and model scales
Rationalising Surds
Ratio, Proportion, Estimation, Upper, Lower, Rearranging
Ratio and Proportion
Pythagoras 2
Properties of 3D shapes
Properties of 2D shapes
Powers and Roots
Powers and Roots 2
Plane Symmetry
Perimeter of 2D shapes
Percentage of a Quantity
Recurring Decimals
Sine Rule, Cosine Rule and Area Rule – basics
Simplifying Surds
Simple Interest
Simple Equations and Word Equations
Simple and Compound Interest
Rounding, Estimating and Upper and Lower Bounds
Rounding, Decimal Places and Significant Figures
Rounding to Significant Figures
Rounding to Decimal Places
Revision 6 Similar Triangles and Probability
Revision 5 Circle Theorems
Revision 4 Quadratics expressions, equations and graphs
Revision 3 Subject of Formula and Travel Graphs
Revision 2 Rounding, Estimation and Upper and lower bounds
Revision 1 Ratio, Proportion and Proportionality
Reverse Percentage
Sine Rule, Cosine Rule and Area Rule
Transformations – Enlargement
Transformations – Advanced Enlargement
Surface Area of 3D Shapes – basics
Surface Area of 3D Shapes – advanced
Surface Area and Volume of 3D Shapes – basics
Surface Area and Volume of 3D shapes – advanced
Straight Lines
Standard Form – Small numbers
Standard Form – Real World Problems
Standard Form – mixed exercise
Standard Form – large numbers
Standard Form – adding – multiplying – dividing
Solve Quadratics and Quadratic formula
Surface Area and Volume of 3D Shapes – basics
Trigonometry – Calculator and Graphs of sine, cos and tan
Trig, Stats, Travel, Transf and Proport
Trig, Stats, Transform and Proportionality
Travel Graphs
Transformations – Translation
Transformations – Stretch
Transformations – Shear
Transformations – Rotation
Transformations – Reflection
Transformations – Enlargement
Transformations – Advanced Enlargement
Surface Area of 3D Shapes – basics
Surface Area of 3D Shapes – advanced
Trigonometry – finding sides and angles
Units of measurement – conversion of length, mass
Using a Calculator – Advanced
Vector Geometry of grids and 2D shapes
Using a Calculator – Basic
Vector Geometry
Vector Magnitude, Scalar Multiples
Vectors on a grid
Volume of 3D shapes – basics
Volume of 3D shapes – advanced

GCSE Edexcel Higher Statistics Papers and MS

June 2004 MS
June 2004 Paper
June 2005 MS
June 2005 Paper
June 2006 Paper
June 2007 MS
June 2007 Paper
June 2008 MS
June 2008 Paper
June 2009 MS
June 2009 Paper
June 2010 MS
June 2010 Paper
June 2011 MS
June 2011 Paper
June 2012 MS
June 2012 Paper
June 2013 MS
June 2013 Paper
Sample Paper and MS




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