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Brief story of Romanian Orphans

d1Right now there are nearly 100,000 children in the child protection system in Romania and more children are abandoned each day. Why is this? Until 1989 Romania was a communist country ruled by the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. During his rule he imposed harsh economic restrictions on his people causing mass poverty.

This fact, coupled with the poor spiritual condition in Romania, made abandoning one’s children to the state-run orphanage system an easy solution for broken families. Under communism, abortions were outlawed. Ceausescu wanted large families in order to have a large work-force to produce goods for the mother land.

d2Technically, many of the abandoned children in Romania are not orphans; they have parents. But their parents have rejected them and do not want them. This fact may elicit compassion from you and me, but generally it is not so in Romania. Orphans are looked down upon and are not helped like disadvantaged people are helped in America. They grow up in orphanages without role models or mentors. They are psychologically, emotionally, and physically abused. They are taught little about life skills and then, when they finish school (where they have learned very little), most of the time around eighteen years of age, they are forced to leave the orphanages.

d3At this point the government offers them very little help. Unless someone steps in and helps them, many become outcasts of society. Almost none are capable of making it on their own. Having been taught nothing about money, a work ethic, how to find a job or a place to live,paying bills, manners or even simple hygiene, many cannot fend for themselves and become jobless and homeless on the streets with other orphans. They beg and steal for food, become addicted to drugs and, worst of all, are lured into the underground world of prostitution and human trafficking.
Let’s read what a BBC reporter has revealed in one article about these Romanian Orphanages:

“When I first walked into the large grey building at the heart of Siret, my immediate instinct was to walk straight back out again.

“Half-naked children leapt from every direction, clawing at my clothes, and there was an overpowering smell of urine and sweat that made me want to retch.”

”Mother Olga” Orthodox Christian Association

d4The Association is a non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical and independent, public benefit and is located in Piatra Neamt but founding members are Neamt and Bacau.
Association name comes from Christ’s confessor, Archimandrite Olga Gologanu (1889-1971). The mother was able to increase the Bistrita Monastery Valcea to over 2,000 orphans in the years 1913-1949.
The objectives of the association are:
a) the fight against abortion, in accordance with the teaching of the Orthodox Christian faith;
b) life affirming values of the human person from the design, family and parental vocation;
d) raising awareness on respect for the lives of children who will be born;
g) propaganda for the health and welfare of youth;
h) consolidation principles, ideas, morals and traditions of Orthodox Christian by any legal means.

d5Remedies to achieve the aim and objectives are:
a) construction of philanthropic establishments where they reside abandoned children, children with their parents or foster families who will receive copies;
b) the raising and education of orphans in a family environment, abandoned or other serious family problems until they finish their studies and have the opportunity to support themselves;
c) implementation of social programs for children and young mothers abandoned the foster care system or mixed;
d) organize training courses, seminars, conferences, public debates, and organizing public demonstrations and other public awareness activities under the law;
e) attracting sponsorship activities / patronage;
f) support for a specified period, children whose parents are extremely serious material problems (accidents, hospitalization, unemployment) and are unable to look after and supervise;
g) supporting single mothers who face difficulties in raising children;
h) recovery and reintegration of street children or children abandoned in hospitals;
i) development of alternative education programs for adolescent premarital and marital, married young and young parents;
j) support the Orthodox parents in their children’s education on intimate;
k) providing advice and counselling, and legal assistance to persons concerned in accordance with the objectives of the Association;
l) to develop their own programs and in partnership with public authorities at home and abroad;
m) creation, publication and distribution of books, periodicals, pamphlets, posters, brochures, programs and other informational materials;
n) statement and formulating actions, claims, complaints and defences necessary to the competent courts;
a) development of direct economic activities to generate funds, activities consistent with the purposes of the Association;
p) other activities that contribute to achieving the purpose of the Association and not contrary to public order.

Your donation will support us in creating a close, secure, family orientated environment, where orphans are cherished, loved and nurtured.

THANK YOU ON BEHALF OF ALL CHILDREN THAT hope that we will save!!!
God bless you!!!




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